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I’m your Rapid City-based headshot photographer, and I can’t wait to share my favorite tips for helping you look your best! 

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Hiring a professional photographer can be a daunting task. You want high quality photos of yourself and, of course, you want to get the most bang for your buck. I hear you.   There are thousands of photographers out there, all ranging in styles, in skill, and in price. How can you possibly choose just one?  […]

Brand Photography, Headshots

August 17, 2022

Hiring a Professional Photographer: How to Choose the Best Brand Photographer for Your Small Business

Looking at hiring a professional photographer? This post is for you! Learn the inside scoop for choosing the best photographer for your small business (from a pro photographer)—including: brand photography, photographer marketing, and photography business tips. #branding #photography #business #entrepreneur

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Do you remember when you got your first headshot? It might not have been that long ago. Headshots haven’t always been a hot commodity! Back in the day, when we relied on a phone book, instead of Facebook, it wasn’t that common or, really, beneficial to have one — who would see it anyway?  Nowadays, […]


June 1, 2022

Business Headshot Tips: 7 Reasons You Need To Update Your Headshot Today

Looking for some business headshot tips? This post is for you! Learn the top reasons why you need to invest in professional headshot photography and update your brand photos—including corporate portrait photography. #headshots #business #branding #photography

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Branding sessions are a great way to get more photos than just headshots. After all, you can’t post headshots to your Instagram feed every day! (I mean, you can, but do you want to?) Why a brand session? A branding session gives you a variety of brand-related content to post along with your captions and […]

Headshots, Lifestyle Branding

March 13, 2020

Brand Session for Colorado Light and Airy Photographer

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