Branding sessions are a great way to get more photos than just headshots. After all, you can’t post headshots to your Instagram feed every day! (I mean, you can, but do you want to?)

Why a brand session?

A branding session gives you a variety of brand-related content to post along with your captions and stories. (Here’s a quick recap of the difference between branding photos and a headshot.)

Your folio will include headshots for sure (but I tend to think clean, modern lifestyle type headshots are more engaging for most businesses).

You’ll also receive a beautiful, cohesive library of visually compelling imagery —including details, behind-the-scenes shots, and in-action photos — that tells the story of who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Your Intagram feed will thank you!

Your personal brand photo session consultation

When Rachel of Rachel Schrepel Photography reached out to me for a branding session, we chatted for quite a while about her brand.

She had worked for years to achieve a certain light and airy aesthetic to her photos, which she wanted captured in her brand session.

And she had created a consistent blush and gold color palette that she incorporated not just into her logo, website, and marketing, but that she even incorporates into her clothing and accessories.

Ever time she has an interaction with one of her brides, a potential client, or a wedding planner, you can bet she’ll be fashionably dressed in just the right shade of blush, with a stylish pen and notebook for working on the wedding day timeline!

Personalizing your brand session

Rachel also brought details from her home office to make her photo session more personal, and to introduce her clients to her sentimental and sophisticated style through her behind-the-scenes imagery.

If you’re interested in curating your own personal brand or creating compelling visual imagery for your social media strategy, send me a message and let’s chat!

Here’s Rachel’s sweet review over my Michele with one L Photography Google reviews page. I think Rachel might be the only person to use exclamation points as much as I do — no wonder we have become friends.

“Michele is such a kind, sweet and genuine person!! She is friendly, caring, compassionate and charismatic!!

“Her photography is stunning and so beautiful!! Bright, airy, clean!! I love her style and her photography!!

“She loves and serves her clients so well and makes you feel so beautiful and so important! She definitely values relationships and friendships and continues to follow up with you and cares about what is going on in your life!!

“She is so genuine and does an incredible job with taking care of all the details!! Will always choose Michele for her personality and her high quality work!” —Rachel Schrepel

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March 13, 2020

Brand Session for Colorado Light and Airy Photographer

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