Do you remember when you got your first headshot? It might not have been that long ago. Headshots haven’t always been a hot commodity! Back in the day, when we relied on a phone book, instead of Facebook, it wasn’t that common or, really, beneficial to have one — who would see it anyway? 

Looking for some business headshot tips? This post is for you! Learn the top reasons why you need to invest in professional headshot photography and update your brand photos—including corporate portrait photography. #headshots #business #branding #photography

Nowadays, however, headshots are much more visible than in years past, and so many business men and women rely on them to connect with clients. Which is why is why one of my top business headshot tips is: get it done and update it regularly. 

Headshots Matter

Before we all had websites and way before the age of social media, it didn’t really matter if you had an up-to-date headshot. Maybe you put your headshot on your business card, but otherwise, there was really no need. You might have updated your headshots every 5 years, or every 10, or not at all, right?

But now, headshots matter. Like it or not, people make judgments based on the photos they see, and often within the first 3 seconds of seeing them.

In a world of internet introductions, headshots are like handshakes. 

With that in mind, here are the top 7 reasons you need to update your headshot today.

Business Headshot Tips | Ditch the Dated Background

The #1 reason you need to update your business headshot is to ditch the dated background! The way your headshots appear to your audience affects how your audience perceives you.  

If you are pictured against a patterned background or anything busy, your headshot will look like it’s a few decades old. And a dated background dates your business. 

Background Choice

If your background looks dated, your photo will look dated and things will spiral from there — your audience will wonder if your whole business is behind the times. 

Your clients will ask themselves questions like:

  • Why does their photo look so old-fashioned? 
  • Is their technology old? 
  • Are they really keeping up with best practices in their industry? 

Obviously not what you want your potential clients wondering about you. 

Professional Portrait Tips | Represent Your Business Correctly

Modernize your business headshot! Today’s modern, professional photo conveys that you are modern and professional too. 

Your photo is an extension of you and represents your entire business. Make sure your headshot represents your business correctly. A modern headshot photographer can help! They will know how to capture you in a way that speaks to your audience too.

Business Headshot Tips | Be Genuine

When you are updating your business headshot, stay true to who you are. Make sure the final image reflects what you actually look like. No one likes to be catfished. 

You are presenting yourself as a trustworthy and genuine person, so don’t try to hide behind a younger version. This is your business, not your dating profile. 

Remember, your headshot (and personal brand, in general) builds trust with your audience. So you don’t want to start that relationship based on a falsehood. Embrace your true self and go into your brand photoshoot with confidence! You’ve got this!   

Business Headshot Tips | Be Recognizable

A photo that no longer looks like you isn’t doing you any favors. I mean, what’s the purpose really? Your clients need to recognize you. That’s kind of the whole point, right?

In a world without the internet, you would probably have some sort of brick-and-mortar and would be able to greet people face-to-face. Well, think of your website as your virtual headquarters and your social media channels as satellite offices. 

Remember from my Photography for Business Marketing post, your photo should be current enough that if someone ran into you at your local coffee shop, they’d recognize you.   

Professional Portrait Tips | Build Relationships 

A contemporary headshot can also be the start of new relationships. Like I said earlier — back in the day, photos didn’t have such a big impact on people’s business because they were rarely seen.

But today, with more people getting to know you through the internet and especially with social media, your photo is front and center all the time.

It can also help to answer some questions, like: 

  • Is this someone I can see myself doing business with? 
  • Are they professional and confident? 
  • Are they friendly and relatable? 

A headshot says a lot about you — make sure it’s saying the right things. 

Professional Portrait Tips | Be Professional

Similarly, any photo that is not professional is ultimately going to reflect poorly on you. Whether it’s a phone photo or a cropped head from your favorite snapshot, the lack of professionalism is going to be glaringly obvious on a platform like LinkedIn. 

Better to invest in at least one new professional photo that you can use on all of your social media channels. 

Then, once you see the great response your photo is getting, you might decide to invest in a new photo annually!

Business Headshot Tips | Be Consistent

Finally, a website that features a hodgepodge of headshots without any consistency can reflect poorly on your team, and ultimately your company. 

When someone visits your website and sees different styles of photos — all shot with mixed lighting, various backgrounds, and seemingly no cohesiveness — it’s off-putting. Your clients will wonder if you are as professional as you say you are.

It’s also important that you are consistent with your style to achieve a nice flow to your website and online presence. If you make it feel like everything is connected, your audience will approve. 

It’s one of those things — they won’t know why they like it, but but they will 

A cohesive and consistent visual message also gives the impression that you create and offer a top quality product and service.  

Photographing Your Team

The best way to present the faces of your company to the world is to schedule a headshot session for your entire team, over the course of one or more days. Your website (and your future bottom line) will thank you! 

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June 1, 2022

Business Headshot Tips: 7 Reasons You Need To Update Your Headshot Today

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