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I'm Michele

I’m your Denver-based headshot photographer, and I can’t wait to share my favorite tips for helping you look your best! 

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We’ve all been there. We’re working on a new blog post or article and need just one quick image. So we turn to our favorite stock photography site and grab a quick shot. Problem solved. Then, a week later, we need one more image. And one the week after that. Pretty soon we have a […]

Lifestyle Branding

July 22, 2020

Brand photos or stock photography? You choose.

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Branding sessions are a great way to get more photos than just headshots. After all, you can’t post headshots to your Instagram feed every day! (I mean, you can, but do you want to?) A branding session gives you a variety of brand-related content to post along with your captions and stories. (Here’s a quick […]

Headshots, Lifestyle Branding

March 13, 2020

Brand Session for Colorado Light and Airy Photographer

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