Yay! You’ve booked your personal brand photography session with me and are now thinking — what’s next? It’s time to prepare! I’m sharing the things you need to do when planning a photoshoot. 

First, I am so happy you have booked your session — I can’t wait to create some amazing and powerful brand photos that will help elevate your unique brand. 

Now, there are a few things to do to prepare for your brand photoshoot — 8 things, actually. Once you check these off your list, you’ll feel ready and excited for your session.

Follow this step-by-step guide to prepare for your professional photoshoot session; thank me later. 

Need some help planning a photoshoot? This post is for you! Prep for your brand photography session in 8 steps—including choosing a location, selecting your wardrobe, and scheduling hair and makeup. You’ll be well prepared for your professional photoshoot after reading this! #branding #photography #business #headshots

Planning a Photoshoot Step 1: Fill Out the Questionnaire

The first step in planning a photoshoot with me is to fill out the questionnaire. 

As soon as we book your session, I’ll be sending you a list of questions to help me better understand your brand. I’ll be asking you about your brand’s key messaging points, your brand colors and overall visual aesthetic, and the type of feeling you hope to convey to your potential clients. 

Take this questionnaire seriously, and don’t rush. Fill it out with as much detail as you can so I can learn a bit about you, your brand and start to plan my approach.   

Prep for a Photoshoot Step 2: Schedule a Meeting

The second step in prepping for your photoshoot is to schedule a meeting with me. 

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, we’ll schedule a telephone (or in-person) meeting to talk about location ideas, what you’ll wear, and agree on a general shot list and schedule.

Planning a Photoshoot Step 3: Schedule Hair and Makeup 

Now that you’ve filled out your questionnaire and scheduled a meeting with me to go over the details of your session, you’ll want to schedule a professional hair and makeup session.

This can make all the difference in your photos! If you don’t have a favorite hair and makeup person, let me know and I’ll send you my list of referrals.

If you’d rather do your own makeup, you can view some of my personal on-camera makeup tips here.

Prep for a Photoshoot Step 4: Choose a Location

Next is choosing a location for your brand photo session. Depending on the types of shots you need, you can choose to work with me in my studio, at your location, or you might consider renting a studio space. 

What do you want your final images to look (and feel) like? Don’t forget they should reflect your business. So if you run your business in the heart of the city, choose an urban environment over a rural one.

Some other things to consider when choosing a location: 

  • Indoors, outdoors, or both? 
  • Does it have good natural light (for the most flattering portraits)? 
  • What time of day has the best lighting? 
  • Do you want a library of all images with a similar backdrop (all white, for example?)
  • Do you prefer a wide variety of looks? 

Planning a Photoshoot Step 5: Select Your Wardrobe

Just as your physical expressions and mannerisms are unique to you, your wardrobe is too. What you choose to wear is an extension of your personality and it is an important step when preparing for your brand photos.

Here are a few wardrobe tips: 

  • Make sure at least one or two of your outfits incorporate your brand colors. This is your best bet for creating a cohesive library of images. 
  • Make sure your clothing matches your brand’s style and aesthetic. In other words, don’t wear something completely out of your comfort zone or that doesn’t jive with your brand.
  • Think: your own style but elevated
  • Bring 2 outfits: a professional one, as well as professional-casual, so you can achieve a variety of looks. 
  • This is your chance to wear a fun party dress for some celebratory photos, if that’s your style. P.S. I never say no to confetti or extra sparkle! 

I Help You Decide

I will help you pick out the most flattering, business appropriate outfit for your session. First, I’ll send you my exclusive What To Wear guide. I’ll also consult with you on the phone a few weeks before your session. 

I welcome client emails with photos of their outfit ideas. And if you still haven’t decided what to wear by the day of your session, you’re always welcome to bring a few extra outfits and I can help you decide once you arrive.

Interested in more information on how to choose your outfits? Take a look at my blog post on what to wear for your headshot session for 15 more tips!

Prep for a Photoshoot Step 6: Compile Your Props

Props are a great addition to your brand photos! They can come in handy at almost every session, no matter your business. 

Here are some examples:

  • Laptop or other technology you use in your business (podcast mike, for example)
  • Tools you use in your everyday business (artist tools, fabric swatches, camera gear, planner’s notebook and pens, etc.)
  • Your favorite coffee mug, beverage, and/or treat
  • Books and journals in your brand colors
  • Message boards, signs, or any marketing materials with your logo

Remember, the more you can incorporate brand colors into your wardrobe and props, the more consistent your images will be. 

Planning a Photoshoot Step 7: Healthy Habits

Alright, you have two days until your session. Are you excited? Me too!

You need to hydrate! Start drinking extra water two days before your session for the glowiest skin. Also, get a good nights’ sleep the night before — or, better yet, two good nights’ sleep if you are able.

Lastly, put all of your items in your car the night before your session. That way, you can wake up and not have to worry about anything — just give yourself a little extra time for hair and makeup!

Prep for a Photoshoot Step 8: The Day Of

Yay! It’s the day of your session! Don’t worry about anything — show up planning to have fun and I’ll do the rest!

You are well prepared; it’s time to relax and enjoy the experience! When you are tense, it shows in your photos — so leave your worries behind and let’s make magic. 

Still have some butterflies? Download my free guide: 10 Ways to Instantly Look Better . It has over 20 pages of tips and tricks to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  

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