You’ve booked a headshot session for your team and now everyone is asking what to wear! I’ve got you covered.

Choosing an outfit for headshots or personal brand photos

After 10 years photographing Colorado business people, I’ve put together my best 15 tips for choosing a headshot outfit:

  1. I generally tell people to wear a color and style that is flattering for you — one you know makes you look good, or that you get lots of compliments on when you wear it.

  2. I suggest long sleeves or ¾ sleeves because those sleeve lengths are most flattering for most people. (Even for the most fit people, sleeveless and short sleeve outfits limit the number of poses that will be flattering.)

  3. Men, your layered looks photograph extremely well in photos. Think suits, sport coats, vests, or thick, textured sweaters — but only if you wear these in real life.

  4. Women look fabulous in pretty blouses, dresses, and fitted jackets. 

  5. I suggest wearing what you might wear for an important meeting, or when meeting a potential client for the first time.

  6. I suggest staying away from all white, beige, and super light pastels because those tend to wash most people out on camera (unless you know you wear white really well!).

  7. Men, if you’re deciding what shirt to wear under a jacket, a soft or medium blue photographs really well.

  8. Steer clear of super bright colors like neon orange or lime green, as they tend to add a color cast to skin.

  9. Jewel tones, including navy, and medium shades of blue photograph well on most people. 

  10. Solid colors and small prints are great, but avoid large prints and busy fabrics.

  11. Feel free to bring an extra jacket, jewelry, or scarf if you’re unsure which looks best in photos. I can help you decide (or we can take photos in both)!

  12. Consider your brand and your job. If you’re a chef, perhaps you’d like your headshot to reflect what you wear on the job. Or, if you have personal or corporate brand colors, choosing outfits in those colors can help solidify your visual brand.

  13. Wear clothes you feel great in! If you feel amazing in a particular outfit, chances are it will make for a great photograph because your comfort and confidence will shine through! 

  14. Wear your makeup as usual, or feel free to apply slightly heavier than you normally apply. Also, avoid moisturizer with sunscreen on the day of your photos — it reflects light and makes skin look shiny. (If you’re hiring me for a full branding session, I recommend having your makeup professionally done.)

  15. In case of last-minute breakouts, don’t worry — I retouch!

By going through these 15 tips, you’ll probably be able to narrow down your choices to just one or two outfits already in your closet that will be perfect. Or, if you need a reason to go shopping, I won’t discourage you!

If you have any questions prior to your session, feel free to contact me.

And if you’re hiring me for branding photos, we’ll have a consultation a few weeks prior to your shoot to help you style your session.

Denver Headshot and Personal Brand Photographer
Denver Headshot and Personal Brand Photographer
Denver Headshot and Personal Brand Photographer

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February 10, 2020

What to wear for your headshot session

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