Brand photography is like a secret garden for photographers — it isn’t well known and contains an abundance of beautiful benefits, making it one of the best business ideas for photographers.

Looking to grow your photography business but don’t know where to start? This post is for you! Discover one of the greatest business ideas for photographers — brand photography — and learn the many ways it can benefit your business. #branding #photography #business #headshots

Not only does it help elevate your brand (when you incorporate it in your own business), if you specialize in brand photography, and offer it as a service to others, you’ll increase your business and grow as a photographer. 

Headshots vs. Brand Photos

Every entrepreneur needs an up-to-date headshot (read why here). It won’t surprise you to hear that I think everyone should also have brand photography.

Headshots are single images that show your face to the world — they make up a part of brand photography.

There are other visual elements that complete a full brand photography package like: candid photos, in-action shots, shots of you interacting with your product or business tools, and detail shots. 

The end result is a set of powerful images that give a high-end look and feel to a brand which, in turn, attracts a more high-end clientele. You are able to use these images on your website, social media and other marketing materials. 

(In need of some updated photos yourself? First figure out which type of session you need — headshots or branding photos.) 

In this post, I am sharing 5 reasons why you need to start offering personal brand photography as part of your photography services.

Business Ideas for Photographers | Brand Photography Grows Your Professional Network

When you add brand photography to your list of services, you will have the opportunity to meet other professionals within your specialty. Growing your professional network benefits you in more ways than one.

If you are a family photographer, offer your services to other family photographers. It’s the perfect match if you think about it — you already know the ins and outs of the job. So you’ll be able to combine your expertise in family photography as well as brand photography, providing a well-rounded product to your client.  

You will also meet like-minded people who can share tips, challenges, locations, etc. And you can collaborate with them to reach more people and increase your brand awareness.   

Branding Strategies for Photographers | Brand Photography Grows Your Clientele

Another reason you need to add brand photography to your repertoire is because it can help rejuvenate and grow your clientele. Widening your pool of potential clients is always a good business plan.  

Every entrepreneur needs professional brand photography. Start with your current client list and offer your new service to them. A little refresh is good for everyone.

Sayonara Slow Season

If you’re a wedding photographer, once the wedding season is over, you can offer a variety of branding sessions to wedding industry business owners, like: wedding planners, fine art florists, bridal shops, and wedding venue owners. 

Say goodbye to the slow season — you’ll be able to work in every season.

When I was a wedding photographer, I watched business for my colleagues dry up during the cold winter seasons. I, however, was never without work because when the wedding season was over, I was still doing headshots and brand sessions.

New Year, New Goals

January is usually one of my best months for headshots and brand sessions because people are working on their annual marketing goals (and they know updated headshots and brand photos are a huge part of that).

Business Ideas for Photographers | Brand Photography Betters Your Skills

Brand photography gives you the opportunity to hone your portrait-taking skills. You will be introduced to many different face shapes and will learn how to pose, light, and flatter each one. 

Have you read my post on how to take a great headshot? Click the link and bookmark it to read later! 

It also forces you to get outside of your comfort zone and explore new styles of photography. 

It’s all about shooting to your clients’ needs and specific brand. So if their brand is bright, modern, and sparkly, you’ll be working to achieve compelling imagery that matches your clients’ style and mood.

This is where creativity comes into play too.

Branding Strategies for Photographers | Brand Photography Grows Your Creativity 

There’s a lot of creative license in a brand session. You’ll have more time to work on flatlays and detail shots (while your client changes outfits). You’ll also be able to think outside the box as you work to deliver images that are unique to your clients’ brand.

You’ll find that you enjoy learning about other businesses and coming up with different concepts to tell different visual stories.  

Business Ideas for Photographers | Brand Photography Discovers Other Businesses

One of the most rewarding things about being a brand photographer is discovering other businesses and meeting other entrepreneurs.

I’ve met people from all walks of life and various industries — sales people, fitness coaches, podcasters, real estate professionals, business owners, attorneys, recruiters, interior designers, and other photographers. 

I’ve enjoyed every minute of learning how they run their businesses, uncovering what makes them good at what they do and creating a set of images that uniquely represents them. 

Not to mention my list of business contacts and friends has grown exponentially. If you ever need a recommendation, you know who to ask!

New Title?

I am constantly surprised by the number of photographers who seek me out. In fact, I think I have earned the name Photographer’s Photographer!

It has been really eye opening and humbling that these professionals trust me with their livelihoods. And I don’t take that for granted. It is a pleasure and an honor to help them take their business to the next level.

The Photography that Means Business

I hope you are now able to see the benefit in adding brand photography to your list of services (and seriously consider doing it). It is where I started over 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back!

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