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I’m your Rapid City-based headshot photographer, and I can’t wait to share my favorite tips for helping you look your best! 

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If you’re a Realtor, you already know the importance of real estate marketing. But did you know that personal branding can play a huge role in the success of your marketing strategy?  Here are 5 tips for creating a personal brand to set yourself apart as a real estate professional.   Real Estate Marketing Tip #1: […]

Brand Photography

November 2, 2022

Real Estate Marketing: Brand Photography for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents: Want to know how to market yourself in this quickly changing market? My quick tips for real estate marketing will give you three tips for standing out in a crowd — including how to create consistency and trust, level up your visual branding, and schedule a personal brand photography session (or two) that works for you! #personalbranding #realtor #realestatemarketing #branding

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I get it. Having your headshot taken is hard! And perhaps the hardest part is finding something in your closet to wear to that headshot session. After 10 years and literally thousands of headshots, I’ve put together my 6 best tips for what to wear for your headshot photo shoot. Headshot Tips #1: What Color […]

Photo Tips

October 19, 2022

Headshot Tips: What to Wear for Your Headshot Photo Shoot

Ever struggle with what to wear for your headshot session? If so, these headshot tips are for for you! Start reading to find out what color to wear, what sleeve length works best, how much makeup to wear, and more! #headshots #whattowear #businessheadshots #wardrobe

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One of the things I love best about living in the Black Hills of South Dakota is all of the small towns — and all the surprisingly good places to eat! But my all-time favorite city for eating out is Custer. Custer restaurants do not disappoint! In fact, Custer restaurants can go head-to-head with restaurants […]

Black Hills

October 6, 2022

My Five Favorite Custer Restaurants

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