If you’re a wedding planner, florist, photographer, venue owner, or other wedding industry professional, brand photography may be the piece that’s missing in your wedding marketing. In fact, when I was a wedding photographer, I can tell you that my own branding suffered because I was so focused on serving my clients. 

In this post, I’ll share three tips for how to level up your wedding marketing game, create consistency in your messaging, and use highly curated visual imagery to attract the couples who are right for you.

Are you a wedding planner, florist, or venue owner looking for ways to level up your wedding marketing? This post is for you! Learn how a personal brand photo shoot can help you as a wedding professional — including how to tell the story of your brand with compelling imagery, how to use consistency to build trust and create a cohesive brand, and how to curate photos to showcase what sets you apart. #weddingplanner #weddingflorist #weddingvenue #luxurywedding

Wedding Marketing Tip #1: Level Up Your Imagery

Wedding marketing is all about telling a story. 

If you are a wedding planner, your future bride wants to see herself with you by her side. She wants to trust that you’ll handle all the details to make her day as beautiful and stress-free as possible. If you’re a florist, your bride wants to envision herself carrying the most stunning bouquet; perhaps one inspired by a design she’s seen on your website. If you own a wedding venue, your bride is going to picture herself walking down the aisle in your venue. And of course all while her groom waits at the front with a huge smile (or tears she’ll never forget). 

You may not realize it, but the imagery you share gives your future brides a glimpse into what it’s like to work with you. 

And while the language you use on your website is important, it’s the pictures that catch the eye first. In fact, they’re what leaves a lasting impression.

So what’s the best way to resonate with your future brides? By sharing compelling imagery that tells the story of your brand. That matches your unique and specialized style and attitude. And that makes your couples feel what it’s like to work with you.

Your wedding marketing plan should include the message you want to convey. And the best way to decide on your key message is to ask yourself (and your past brides) some questions:

1. What sets you apart from others in your field?

2. What attitude do you have toward the wedding day?

3. How do you want your clients to feel working with you? 

It’s important to answer questions like these and have a wedding marketing plan. Then, you can develop a relationship with a photographer who can help you capture the essence of who you are — and how you uniquely serve your couples.

Marketing for Wedding Pros Tip #2: Consistency Matters

When it comes to wedding marketing for industry professionals, consistency is key. You’ll want your website and social media messaging to be on point, focusing on the things that matter to your future clients. 

The same is true for your images. The more consistent your visual imagery, the more cohesive and trustworthy your message will be. 

If you’re like most wedding pros, the photos you share in your wedding marketing come from wedding photographers. In fact, you could say you’re at the mercy of the photographer’s photography style and focus. You may have images that are dark and moody, some that are light and airy, and others true to color. You may not get any detail shots from a photographer who has a photojournalistic style, and though it’s considered a professional courtesy to share photos with other vendors at a wedding, not every photographer chooses to do so. 

When it comes to wedding marketing, the best way to build consistency is to schedule regular brand sessions. Start with a mini brand session at your office or studio location, then schedule an outdoor session where you get shots of you at your favorite coffee shop or consulting with a bride. 

Set up a small styled shoot with just a couple, beautiful attire, and florals and have your photographer capture you working in your element. Work toward a full styled shoot if you’d like to capture the feel of a full wedding. 

That way, over time, you’ll create a personal brand photography library of consistent images in a style of photography that most complements your brand. 

Wedding Marketing Tip #3: Curate What You Share

In the wedding industry, you’ll often find that the wedding style you share attracts brides who appreciate that style. After all, that’s how they found you in the first place! 

So my advice to wedding planners, florists, and all other wedding vendors is this: When it comes to wedding marketing, share what you want to do more of. If you love fine art florals, make sure your instagram feed and website are filled with that type of content. Are you are a planner who revels in intimate elopements? Then show that type of imagery as often as possible, so your people can find you!

If you don’t already have enough visual imagery to fill your social media calendar, consider doing a styled shoot and personal brand session combined! Hire a photographer who shoots in the style that matches your brand. That way, you can create a full personal brand gallery that includes not only gorgeous styled shoot imagery but behind-the-scenes brand photography of you in your element! 

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a wedding professional ready to book your next personal brand photography session, or you’d like to brainstorm what that might look like for your business, connect with me here! 

And if you’d like a few tips for looking great in front of the camera, download my free guide now: 10 Ways to Instantly Look Better in Photos.

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