Every entrepreneur does it. We run around during our busy seasons doing as much as we can, but often when a great business idea comes up, we say, “Oh, I’ll get to that in my off season.” I’m here to tell you that there is so much you can accomplish during your slow season, and these 6 success tips for entrepreneurs will motivate you to make good use of this time! 

Is it your business’ slow season? Here are my top Success Tips for Entrepreneurs — 6 things you can do during the business off season that you didn’t do during the year, including planning a personal brand photo shoot, connecting with clients, and more. #marketing #entrepreneur #personalbranding #branding

Success Tips for Entrepreneurs #1: Catch up on all that paperwork

It goes without saying that most business owners are much more interested in running their businesses than they are in all the paperwork that goes along with it! At least, that’s the sense I get from the entrepreneurs I know. 

So before you get started on the fun stuff, be sure to set aside some time to catch up on bookkeeping, taxes, and other details that sometimes get set aside during the busy season.

Business Success Tip #2: Create a social media calendar

I admit it — when I’m busy, social media is the first thing to go by the wayside. But having a social media calendar planned out for the next 6 months to a year can really save you time and keep you posting consistently! 

Sometimes this means hiring a social media manager; other times, you can do it yourself. Just be sure to time block several hours out of your week, and plan the content that will be most relevant to your readers.

If you have a plan, you’re much more likely to execute it! 

Successful Entrepreneurs Tip #3: Connect with your clients

The off season is a great time to reach out to your clients and thank them for their business! It’s also a great time to check in with them and ask for feedback.

Use your downtime to select a handful of your best clients and take them to lunch. 

You can also write personal notes, or use this time to curate special gifts that you’ll deliver during the holidays. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget your clients are invested in your success! If you do well, they do well. So treat them accordingly. 

Business Success Tip #4: Connect with other entrepreneurs

One of the best things I’ve done in my business is build relationships with other photographers.

While it may seem counterintuitive to form relationships with your competitors, the truth is that you’ll go further together than you can go alone!

I love exchanging ideas with others in my industry, who share my passion for photography and my love of serving clients.

I also find that the people who are most like me are the ones I can call in a bind. I can bounce ideas off them, or even ask them to fill in if I’m unavailable for a certain job. It’s an added benefit to my clients when I can refer other photographers of equal talent and integrity! 

Plus, sipping Prosecco and talking shop with other like-minded entrepreneurs is just so fun! 

Tips for Success for Entrepreneurs #5: Curate your visual brand  

Let’s face it. This is something that most entrepreneurs don’t think about very much. Unless you have beaucoup marketing bucks, this is probably something you’re doing on your own.

I will tell you that I believe it’s almost always in your best interest to hire a graphic designer to create a visual brand. It’s one of the first things I did when I re-branded my business, and I get comments all the time that people recognize my brand colors and images immediately. 

That visual consistency and quick recognition goes a long way in establishing trust and expertise in your field. It shows you’re willing to invest in yourself and your business. And well-curated images can communicate a message more quickly and often more effectively than even words can do.

If you can’t afford your own designer, there are plenty of resources online too that you can use too. The goal is to create a cohesive color scheme, fonts (no more than two!), visual style, and compelling photos that all work together to create instant recognition.

Success Tip #6: Plan a personal brand photo session

Yep, I said it. It’s so important to take this time to plan a personal brand photo session! You know, the one you kept putting off all year because you were just too busy. 

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but you can never have too many professional brand photos. In fact, if you invest in regular business lifestyle photo sessions, you’ll soon have a personal brand photo library and never run out of compelling imagery that tells the story of your brand! 

So here’s how to do this thing: 

Start by calling your favorite photographer. Ask her if she specializes in brand photography, or who she recommends. 

Schedule a session that’s at least 2, ideally 3 hours long. This will enable you to have multiple outfit changes and get all the shots you need. 

Plan a location that matches your brand. Your photographer may have a location, or she may recommend a studio rental that fits the vibe you’re going for.

Hire a makeup artist. Again, your photographer may recommend someone she loves working with, or feel free to choose your own makeup artist. Trust me — professional makeup goes a long way toward making you feel confident and gorgeous in front of the camera. 

Choose your outfits. This is the hardest part, but I have some tips for you right here. I’m always happy to consult with my clients ahead of time to help them find the most flattering outfits. (I’ve had clients text me from the dressing room when trying to decide between two dresses!) 

And then that’s it! Show up, have fun, and I’ll do the rest! 

If you’re ready to book your personal brand photography session, click here and we can start the process right now.

And, for more tips for looking great in front of the camera, be sure to download my free guide here

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December 7, 2022

Success Tips for Entrepreneurs: 6 Things You Can Accomplish During Your Slow Season

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