Mariah and Noah met when they were both freshmen at Grand Canyon University. Noah was so interested in Mariah that he kept learning to play new love songs on his ukulele  just to hear her sing. Even though she was smitten with him, she had no idea he felt the same way about her — she just thought he was a nice guy who played songs from La La Land for everyone. So they were friends first before they ever dated.

Here’s how Mariah describes their first date: 

“Noah surprised me at our dorm with a dozen red roses and borrowed a friends car to take me to sushi, ice-cream and a movie in downtown Phoenix. The two of us baby freshmen never adventured outside of campus, so the whole experience was completely unique! The two of us only had about a week of dating in person before going separate ways and doing long distance for three months, so the date was a wonderful “first, last date” before moving away.”

They knew right from the beginning that they were going to marry each other. Before they even dated, Mariah told her mom on the phone that she was going to marry him (not even knowing yet whether she would get to date him). Noah felt the same way, calling Mariah’s mom the day of their first date to tell her his intentions of marrying her one day.

Noah proposed to Mariah on the one-year anniversary of the day they started dating, at the same location where they first prayed together over their relationship, on the top of the tallest building on campus. He laid out a bunch of sentimental gifts from the year, including every letter Mariah had given him every month. To propose, he handed her the letter he gave her every month, only instead of a long, love letter inside, he had written in large letters, “Will you marry me?” When Mariah looked up, he was on one knee, and of course she said yes. And no, she was not one bit surprised.

When I asked Mariah something she most admired about Noah, she said, “I completely respect how kind he is. There is not a single moment that goes by where I don’t know how much he loves me, and how much he would sacrifice for me to keep me safe and comfortable. He really is a giving, loving man, who knows me more than anyone else.”

Here is what Noah says he treasures most about Mariah: “Mariah is always so patient with me. Whether I am frustrated about something pointless or stressed about things going on in life, she is always there to comfort me and remind me that everything will be just fine. And whenever a room becomes too quiet, she always fills it with her beautiful voice and just catches me in a trance.”


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