Dorothy and Dave met when they were both soccer players at CU Colorado Springs, at a gathering of their mutual teammates. Dave walked right up to Dorothy and introduced himself, but she was so embarrassed and shy that she walked away! (She had no idea her ignoring only intrigued him more!) They exchanged glances throughout the evening, then a few kind and teasing comments, and finally phone numbers at the end of the night.

For their first date, Dave took Dorothy up to Pulpit Rock, overlooking Colorado Springs — the city where Dave grew up. He picked the location because Dorothy grew up in a small town in Missouri without mountains like we have in Colorado. The view was breathtaking (as you’ll soon see), and Dorothy loved the hike. 

They spent their first date getting to know one another without any distractions, and soon discovered they had a similar sense of humor and so many shared interests. Dorothy said she’d “never had so much fun just sitting on a rock and talking to someone!” 

Dave and Dorothy both love to work with kids, and are both passionate about coaching — something they have so much fun doing together. Dave wants to play professional soccer, and he and Dorothy actually both played the same position, in the same sport, at the same school. (What are the odds?)

They also enjoying talking and reading at coffee shops, and also doing anything active, especially if they can be a little bit competitive with each other — soccer, mini golf, the batting cages, go karts, volleyball, and even … baking?? Yes, baking. Baking is a competitive sport because Dorothy tries to bake more than Dave can eat. (That sounds like my kind of competition.) 😉

Dave adores everything about Dorothy, including her huge heart, especially when it comes to children. And, he says, “I love that she isn’t controlling and lets me be goofy and live my life. She also supports my dreams and wants me to be the best person I can be.” 

Dorothy admires everything about Dave — mostly that he is shameless when it comes to being goofy. “His dance moves are … something else. But I love it! He will do anything to get me to laugh.” Dorothy says Dave genuinely enjoys doing whatever it takes to make other people happy. “On more than one occasion, he’s gone out of his way to make the day of a waiter or the person who takes our ticket at the movie theater. He has the kindest heart I’ve ever known!” 

Dave proposed to Dorothy in the same location where they had their first date — Pulpit Rock. Dorothy had an inkling he might be getting ready to propose, because she had walked in on Dave asking her dad for permission. But she didn’t know if he had a ring yet, and she was expecting a proposal perhaps over spring break.

Instead, Dave was in stealth planning mode — a planning genius, really — and enlisted the of Dorothy’s sweet friend and past roommate, Emily. She and I hiked up Pulpit Rock the afternoon Dave had chosen to propose. Emily set up pretty signs, a blanket, and a picnic basket with celebratory champagne in prettiest spot, and I scoped out the best hiding place in the rocks.

Dave and Dorothy ended up being a little bit later than we expected because first they visited puppies at the Humane Society for Puppies, then stopped at Chick-Fil-A for delicious yumminess — you know, all of the things that make a perfect will-you-marry-me day. (Who can say no to a proposal after puppies and Chick-Fil-A?)

When they finally arrived, Dave dropped to one knee, fumbled for the ring, and proposed, amidst lots of giggling and joy. I think you’ll agree that this day was perfect not only for a proposal, but for a a mini impromptu engagement session as well.

And as Emily and I hiked back to the car and I congratulated her on a job well done, Dave and Dorothy watched the sun set from the very rocks where they had their first date. Well planned, Dave, well planned. 


Venue: Wedgewood at Boulder Creek
Wedding Planner & Florals: Sarah Evans Weddings
Makeup: Kelsey Bennett
Hair: Kaitlyn Stechmesser
Music: DJ Maestro
Bakery: La Momo Maes
Menswear: Indochino 

Wedding Proposal

January 25, 2018

Surprise Pulpit Rock Proposal in Colorado Springs

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