Have you ever heard of a business you thought would be perfect for you, but then you visited their website and it looked like it was built two decades ago? You start wondering — if their website is so out-dated, what if the rest of their products and services are too? This is exactly why photography for business marketing matters!

Wondering why photography for business marketing is so important? This post is for you! You will learn some business marketing strategies to help you stand out from the crowd, how to make a good first impression online, and why you need updated headshots. #business #marketing #branding #photography

Your website visitors (a.k.a. your potential clients) will judge your skill level based on the way your website looks. Is it welcoming, intuitive, and informative? Do you have a good headshot?

Your headshot holds more weight than you think. A composed, well-lit, professional headshot brings a sense of humanity and confidence to your site. 

The first time people see your photo (and every time after), they’re learning something about you and about your business. If you’re still using a dated photograph of yourself on social media, on your website, and in your email signature, it could be costing you business.

I am sharing the importance of high quality images, the reasons why your current headshot isn’t working, and also why a headshot isn’t enough (you need brand photography too).

Photography for Business Marketing: Make a Good First Impression 

The #1 thing that you need to know about photography for business marketing is that it needs to make a killer first impression.

First impressions are made quickly and they rarely change. This is true for both in-person and online! Have you thought about what kind of impression your current online presence makes? 

Digital Marketing

First impressions are crucial in digital marketing.

It’s all up to your content and visuals — and it doesn’t take long for someone to make up their mind about you and your business. In fact, it only takes a few seconds. Seconds!   

Think about that…even if every page on your website has compelling, captivating copy that is pertinent and informative, if you don’t have a great headshot, you will lose potential clients. 


People won’t read every word you have written but they will look at every photo. If your headshots are out-dated or there aren’t enough of them, your potential clients won’t stick around for long. 

Pro Tip: Two of the best ways to make a good first impression in-person is to make eye contact and to smile. Translate that onto the computer screen and make sure you have a headshot that clearly shows your lovely smiling face with open eyes, welcoming visitors to your homepage. 

Marketing Strategy for Photographers: Modernize your Look

Another marketing strategy for photographers is to modernize your look. Your clients are looking for a high quality product and experience from an expert. Make sure your visual aesthetic meets their expectations. 

What do your current headshots look like?

If you’re still sporting a mottled gray background on your photos, you might be dating yourself and your business. If your photo is still stuck in the 90’s, could your services be too…?

Remember, you have a few seconds to show someone that you can offer a superior product and unmatched service. 

Choose a clean, white background for your next headshots. It tells the world you are up-to-date with current trends. 

Pro Tip: Today’s modern headshots are crisp and clean and make it easy to create cutouts for your upcoming marketing campaigns — bonus!

Photography for Business Marketing: Stay Current

Now that we’ve established you need to update your headshots. You also need to keep them updated.

If you owned an art gallery or a studio open to the public, you would be able to meet your visitors face-to-face and through verbal communication, body language and other social cues, you would start to build a relationship with them. 

Think of your website as your virtual studio. You need to be present! And an up-to-date photo of yourself builds rapport. 

If someone sees your photo online and then runs into you at the local coffee shop, they should be able to recognize you. 

Pro Tip: I normally suggest having your photo taken at least every two years — every year if you’ve changed hairstyles, or every six months if you’re showing up regularly on social media. 

Marketing Strategy for Photographers: Be Consistent

Consistency is one of the best ways to build trust in your brand. When someone visits your website and sees too many different styles of photos and backgrounds, it’s confusing and off-putting. 

They may wonder if your company is run the same way — without much cohesiveness. 

It is important that you are consistent with your style to achieve a nice flow to your website/online presence and make it feel like it’s all connected. Again, this gives the impression that you create and offer a top quality product and service.   

Top Tip: I recommend updating your entire team’s photos at the same time, and I bring my studio on-location for groups of 10 or more! 

Photography for Business Marketing: Brand Photography

I mentioned at the start that great headshots are not the only thing you need. They are a big piece of the puzzle but to achieve a complete, cohesive look and feel to your brand, you need brand photography. 

Brand photography is a collection of professional images (including your headshot) that represent your business visually. It has a specific style that encompasses colors, props, layouts — all unique to you. Everything is customized to your brand. And you can use the images over and over again in different settings. 

If that sounds like something you are interested in, reach out

Working with Me

With over 10 years of headshot experience, working with entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, photographers, salespeople, among others, I can help you elevate your brand, and get it the attention it deserves (and business you deserve). 

Have you read my blog post on how to prepare for a brand photography session? It’ll give you some insight into what’s expected of you and how I prepare you for the session.  

Whether you are ready for an update, an upgrade, or are starting from ground zero, request a consultation with me (it’s completely free). 

Don’t live in South Dakota? I work with out of state clients too! Looking forward to meeting you!

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