The key to running a successful small business is building connections and relationships with people. When people feel connected to you, they are going to hire you and refer you to all of their friends. So, the question is — how do you do all of that on a large scale? The answer: personal brand photos.  

If you remember my Jennifer Garner example from my last post, you’ll know that when you have great personal branding, people will feel like they already know you before they even meet you. And when you add great lifestyle photos to that, you’ve hit the ultimate sweet spot.   

One of the best ways you can set yourself apart from your competition is through a personal brand photoshoot. 

Wondering what personal brand photos can do for your business? This post is for you! Learn the purpose of a personal brand photoshoot and why every entrepreneur needs one—including headshot photography, lifestyle branding, and personal branding photography. #branding #headshots #photography #business

The Purpose of Brand Photography

People want to see the face behind the brand! A personal branding photo session creates compelling imagery that tells the story of your brand. This, along with your written voice and overall style, communicates a powerful message in a way someone without a personal brand cannot.

If you’re thinking — “wait, what’s a personal brand and do I need one?” here’s a refresher. The short answer is, YES, you do. You also need personal brand photography and here are the 5 major reasons why.

Personal Brand Photos Reason #1: Enlivens Your Brand

Personal brand photos give your brand some heart and soul — they breathe life into your business. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of words on the screen.

Don’t get me wrong — the written copy on your website and social media platforms definitely has its place and its own job with engagement. But your audience craves images and a face to connect it to! 

So let people know that there is a human being behind the brand that they can relate to.

In fact, forget the words for a minute. You can tell a full story just with your brand visuals — the secret is consistency. Read more about that here

Show Your Face

Visual artists like photographers will make the common mistake of not showing their own face enough. Their focus is on their work and how to best showcase their photography portfolio. 

Sure, that’s important, but it’s not everything. Again, you are trying to build a relationship. Think of your website as your virtual headquarters and therefore it needs a picture of the CEO. Catch my drift? 

Plus, think about your own scrolling. How much more likely are you to stop and read a caption when you spy a familiar face. Especially one you know and trust! 

The Sight Sense

Cater to as many senses as possible. You are limited by the computer screen so taste, touch, and smell are impossible, but sight is not! (Neither is hearing but that’s for another day.) 

Magnify the sight sense with visual branding. Flood your virtual platforms with amazing imagery that speaks to your audience and gives your business some life. 

Visual Branding Reason #2: Builds Connection

Brand photos connect people to your brand and to YOU! This is essential in starting a relationship with someone. Human beings are social creatures (some more so than others). We like to see who we are doing business with — it helps us gather information.

Your body language and facial expressions provide a lot of non-verbal communication. You can welcome someone in or shut someone out without saying a word.

And — this all translates through the camera and into your brand photos. Your visuals are powerful tools and can send a strong message to your audience.    

Personal Brand Photos Reason #3: Complements Your Writing

Personal brand photos aren’t just about pretty pictures, although pretty never hurt anyone! They are thoughtful, well-styled images that have a purpose — to connect your audience to your message.  

Visual branding complements your written word beautifully, and can further influence your reader to buy your product or book your service.

Make sure your social media feed features compelling imagery that shows who you are and what you do. 

Visual Branding Reason #4: Establishes Uniqueness

In a world full of options, why should someone choose you? 

Because you are you, that’s why! Your values set you apart from every other brand, but it’s your imagery that makes it visual. 

Look at the visuals you are currently using — do they embrace your values? Do they reflect your personality? 

Every aspect of your brand needs to scream YOU, including your photos. Your personal brand photo library should be unique to your brand, which means create your own brand photo library instead of  using stock photos! 

With your own collection of high quality brand photos, your personality will shine through your business and attract your dream clients. Stand out from the crowd, embrace what makes you unique, and share it with the world, visually. 

Personal Brand Photos Reason #5: Develops Recognition

A cohesive image library is vital to getting people to visually recognize your brand. Be the Coach or the Apple of your industry and create an experience that is so unique to you that it doesn’t need an introduction. 

Your goal with your personal brand photography is to develop a high level of recognition, where people already know that something is yours just by glancing at it — no signature, caption, or placard required.

So the next time your ideal client is scrolling through Instagram, they’ll know a post is yours even before seeing your name. 

A Personalized Client Experience 

People might love the product or service you offer, but when you have a strong personal brand and photos to complement, you create a more personalized experience for your customers.

You are the reason people buy your product or service. Through the use of strong personal branding and brand photography, they feel they can trust you. And once you have their trust, it’s as simple as asking — “do you want this product or service?”

The answer will always be “yes”.

Need More?

If you are still lost on what a personal brand is or don’t know if brand photos are worth it, check out my last blog post for more information. It will give you some background on what personal branding is, how it differs from any other type of business branding, and how it benefits you.     

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