I’ve known Anna since she was Annie in the theater group where I got my start taking photos, and she has a heart of gold. I’ve always known that when she met the man she would marry, he would have to be equally as sweet, funny, and personable. That is definitely Wesley — truly one of the most kind and caring men I’ve ever met, and perfect for Anna.

Anna and Wesley met at the University of Northern Colorado, at a pizza volleyball event put on by the Christian ministry on campus. They became fast friends and continued building that foundation for a year before they started dating. Both of them say how thankful they are that they had the time to develop that deep friendship — it underlies their relationship and now their marriage.

When I found out about their first date, they had to remind me that college students in Greeley don’t have the most amazing date night options, and as college students, they actually didn’t have money to go out at all. So you can imagine the sweet memories Anna has of one their very first dates, where Wesley picked out her favorite snacks, picked her up in his car and drove her to a beautiful park near campus, gave her three choices of movies and let her pick one out — then they watched the movie together on a tiny little screen in the car!

After a year of being friends and a year of dating, Wesley and Anna both felt confident in spending the rest of their lives together. In fact, neither could imagine their lives without the other. So Wesley spent an entire day of behind-the-scenes planning to orchestrate his proposal, a perfect all-day event filled with friends and family, fun activities, and inside jokes. The day ended with rose petals and candles in Anna’s backyard, where Wesley proposed on bended knee and family was there to celebrate.

During their time in school, Wesley and Anna found that they enjoyed studying together more than studying alone. (In fact, today Anna graduates from UNC — congratulations, Anna!) Wesley and Anna love seeing the latest films, watching The Office, and cooking together. (During their engagement session, Anna taught me how to make the world’s best pan-seared steak. Thank you, Anna!) They also love playing board games and especially enjoy double dates.

“Wesley is easily the most thoughtful and attentive person I know,” says Anna. “He loves deeply, and leads by example through laying down his own desires for others.” Wesley treasures Anna’s passion and her love for people. They both see the best in people, and their happy, joyful and thankful countenance brightens any room!

For Anna and Wesley’s engagement session we headed into downtown Denver for photos at Union Station, ice cream at Milkbox Ice Creamery, and the sweetest time talking about their plans for the future. I’m pretty sure you’ll only need to look at a few of these images to see how sweetly they care for each other, and how perfectly paired they are.


Engagement Session

December 8, 2018

Engagement Photos in Downtown Denver

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