Josh is from Colorado. Camila is from Brazil. They met at Red Rocks just five days before Josh was leaving for Hong Kong.

For those few days before he left, these two were inseparable. By the time Josh boarded his plane on Monday, he knew he was leaving part of his heart in Colorado.

In the coming months, Josh and Camila overcame the challenges of distance and different languages with the modern technology. Google translate, texting, and video chat made Hong Kong seem not so far away.

When September came, Josh flew back to Colorado for Camila’s birthday. He met Camila’s sister and brother-in-law and FaceTimed Camila’s parents in Brazil.

That first night at Red Rocks when these two met, Josh told his friend who was with him that there was something really special about Camila, and he thought she might be the one he would one day marry. Unbeknownst to Josh, Camila felt the same way right from the start. Josh adores Camila’s sweet and gentle spirit, and he knows she is going to be an amazing mother. Camila trusts Josh implicitly, both to take care of her and protect her heart.

The way these two look at each other, the way they hold hands, and the still-shy smiles they shared during their engagement session say it all. I cannot wait to capture more of these sweet moments on their wedding day!


Engagement Session

July 4, 2019

Mount Falcon Colorado Engagement Session

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