Melissa and Anthony both worked for the government in the same building. Though they hadn’t met yet, Melissa remembers noticing Anthony when they exchanged friendly hellos each time they passed in the hallway. “I thought he was a dreamboat, and little did I know, he thought the same about me!”

They ended up sitting across the table from each other one night when they each went out to dinner and bowling with their co-workers. They playfully competed against each other in bowling, and had a great conversation at dinner. After that night, Anthony asked Melissa out.

For their first date, Melissa suggested hiking at a near reservoir trail nearby. The solidarity of nature was so peaceful, and, says, Melissa, they were really able to engage one-on-one with no distractions.

“Just walking and talking together (with amazing views of the city!) was so nice. We found a large hill that seemed to have a great lookout point, so we challenged each other to a race to the top. The view on top of this hill was AMAZING. We ended up sitting at the top and talking for hours — we had the most amazing conversation, and it was that day I had realized that I had found someone really special.”

Anthony agrees: “The day we went on our first date, I knew she was the one.”

Anthony planned an elaborate proposal, under the guise of having a party to celebrate Melissa’s graduation from her Bachelor’s program. Melissa thought it was sweet (but over the top!) that he wanted to fly in friends from as far away as Texas and California.

And then, in the middle of the party, he invited Melissa to the front so they could thank everyone for coming. Before she could get the words out, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

“I answered the easiest question I’ve ever been asked — of course I said yes!”

Melissa and Anthony are building the foundation of their marriage around their faith, placing God at the center. They are also excited to start their family. Many couples wait to have children after they’ve been married a few years, but these two are planning to have children right away!

When I asked Melissa what she most admires about Anthony, she says it’s his strength and determination. “I’ve honestly never met anyone as focused and determined as he is.” Anthony loves Melissa’s nurturing heart — “the way she loves and supports me in everything I do.”

Anthony and Melissa exchanged wedding vows at St. Peters Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, then headed over to Till Kitchen for a reception. Talk about hospitality — these two spoiled their family and friends from the moment they arrived. And they didn’t let a little wind and rain spoil the celebration — Melissa and Anthony and their families exuded joy and grace the entire day — it was a dream to capture and I am so humbled to have been a small part of their special day.

I hope you love their wedding photos as much as I do!

Thanks to this dream team of vendors who made the entire day a joy to photograph:
Venue: Till Kitchen and St. Peters Catholic Church, Colorado Springs
Floral design: Mainstream Flower Market
Wedding gown: David’s Bridal
Groom attire: Men’s Warehouse
Hair and makeup: Tangled and Teased
Bakery: Sue Sanicky, Garden of the Gods Market & Cafe, The Pinery Bakery



December 11, 2018

Rainy Colorado Springs Wedding at Till Kitchen

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