Congratulations! You’ve hired a brand photographer and now have dozens of beautiful images to share — but you’re searching Pinterest for brand photography ideas on where to use them! Am I right?

Looking for some fresh brand photography ideas? This post is for you! Check out 9 unique ways to use your new branding photos—including personal branding tips, headshot ideas, and things to do after your brand session. #headshots #branding #business #photography

First of all, I am thrilled for you! A collection of high quality headshots is so useful and can really elevate the feel of your business. 

Second of all, there are so many uses! I’m sharing 9 of my favorite ways that I use my own personal branding photos (and suggest you do the same). 

Brand Photography Ideas #1: Social Media 

Social media, of course, is one of the first places you need to update your brand photography. Replace your logo with your new headshot on every social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok — you name it).

People want to see people! There are other uses for your logo but putting a logo in place of your profile photo is not one of them.

Consider using the same image consistently across all platforms — your clients will get used to seeing that image and recognize you on every channel. 

Business Features

One of the great current features of social media is that you can schedule your posts to publish in the future — an ingenious design, really, that transforms the way businesses are able to use the various platforms. 

There was a time in which Instagram was a true reflection of its name and hosted a collection of instant photos that people uploaded on the spot, but those days are long gone. 

That transition was a great thing for businesses! Who has time to take a high quality photo, drum up a 100-word caption that is engaging and relatable to your clients, and upload it everyday? Um, no one!

Schedule Social Posts

The beauty of scheduling your posts now is that you can put your new photos to work when you’re not. 

If you are planning to take a vacation or time off to care for a sick family member, you can schedule your social media posts to publish in the future. This allows you to be present when you’re really away and gives you time to create posts that speak to your values, your hard work, and how you serve your clients. 

Using Your Headshot #2: Website

Using your headshot images on your website might be an obvious use, but did you know that you should have one on your homepage, specifically?

“Above the Fold” Importance

There’s a motto in print journalism that anything “above the fold” of a newspaper is important and warrants the highest visibility of all the stories. Meaning, if someone doesn’t open the newspaper fully to read any other story, they would at least see the most important headline and a portion of the biggest story. 

The same concept can be applied to your website strategy. Make sure you have a professional headshot on your homepage so that your audience can connect with you right away!

Company Website Pages

If you work for a company, make sure to update your image on your internal company directory, and any public-facing pages as well. Use your photo anywhere you can — it’s your identifier.

Brand Photography Ideas #3: Conferences & Networking

If you are a guest speaker at a conference, attend a regular networking event, receive an award, or become a member of a board of directors, the host will ask you for a current headshot.

I suggest keeping a high resolution image on your hard drive, and backed up to a separate location, so you can share it when asked. 

Too many times people wait until the last minute and realize they don’t have a headshot they’d be proud to share, then either scramble to get one done last minute or use something sub-par. 

You have already thought ahead — great job! — so now you can save your headshot for future use.  

Using Your Headshot #4: Marketing Materials

You will also use your headshot and brand photography on any printed marketing materials. This is a huge opportunity for you to use brand photos! 

Depending on what images you have, you can design postcards, brochures, email campaigns, and more!

As a brand photographer, I make it a point to take some detail shots, close ups, and behind-the-scenes shots for my clients, because I know they can be used in a variety of ways — that way they don’t ever have to resort to using stock photos! 

Brand Photography Ideas #5: Client Gifts

Client gifts are a great use of brand photography. They serve as a great marketing tool for you and are also a nice gesture for your clients. 

Consider using your images on client gifts — thank you cards, insulated cups, calendars, or other items. 

Using Your Headshot #6: Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are another unique use for your branding photos and are a great way to let your fun, lifestyle photos shine!

Everyone loves happy mail — send your clients a custom greeting card for their birthday, anniversary, or to celebrate a new season. They will be so impressed with the design, and love that you thought of them too! 

Pro Tip: If you are running low on time and money, make your brand session do double duty. Bring your husband or family and use one (or more) of your photos for a holiday greeting card. 

Brand Photography Ideas #7: LinkedIn

You are definitely going to need a current headshot for your LinkedIn profile, and for every other professional networking site you have a presence on too. 

As it is tailored toward professionals and business-oriented people, opt for a more serious image than the fun-loving ones you are using for your greeting cards or client gifts.  

Using Your Headshot #8: Book Cover & Bio

Bios, books, and blog posts — oh my!

If you have ever been a guest on someone else’s blog or podcast, chances are they’ve asked you for a photo of yourself. Well, now you have one. Don’t forget your own blog and podcast (if you have one) — your face needs to be on them too!

A book cover or bio on the back will for sure need a professional headshot. Even if you don’t have a book deal now, that’s not to say it isn’t possible in the near future. And you’ll be ready with a headshot when the time comes!

Brand Photography Ideas #9: Email

Your photo needs to appear on every work email you send. Depending on your email provider, that could be an avatar or a custom signature block. A photo is a really nice touch, since people can connect a face to a name right away. 

This really helps when your clients are receiving an email from you for the first time. It’s a human trait — we like to know who we are talking to!   

Your Turn

Now that you have some fresh new ideas on how to use your branding photos, what’s the first thing you are going to do with your updated headshots? I would love to hear and see your new look. Head over to my Facebook page and let me know all the places you’ve used your brand photos! 

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